CEFA, The Construction Education Foundation of Alabama, is the training organization that is dedicated solely to construction trade training.  CEFA's instructors have combined experience of over 150 years of actual field experience in the trades being taught.  CEFA combines the field experience of its instructors with the nationally recognized NCCER (National Center for Construction and Education Research) curriculum to help prepare students for a career in their chosen trade. 

As Alabama Go Build says: "This country is in dire need of skilled workers, the improvements to Alabama's infrastrucre aren't going to build themselves.  We need dedicated individuals to create a workforce that is committed to learning a new trade and willing to get their hands dirty.

Our History

CEFA, was created and founded by the three leading construction associations in the state; Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Associated General Contractors (AGC) and the Alabama Concrete Industries Association (ACIA).  These organizations and companies support the NCCER based training provided by CEFA. CEFA was formed with two main goals in mind.

  1.  To create an organization that would provide quality, craft specific standardized training to individuals entering and currently working in the construction industry.

  2. To Address the industry’s concern of a future trained workforce.