2017 cefa Program:

Earn while you Learn!

18-24 year old applicants ONLY

Application, interviews, and Drug Screen must be complete by September 22, 2017.  

Initial applications taken at 9:30am or 1:30pm Mon - Fri.  

Limited positions available

What's being offered?

  • Classroom and hands on trade training for in-demand trades

  • Financial Literacy training

  • OSHA 10 hour certification

  • Nationally recognized certificates 

  • Employability skills training

  • Opportunity for further free training

  • Job referrals

  • Paid Achievement incentives

  • 100 hours of PAID work experience @ $13.00 per hour

  • Job shadowing with actual contractors

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**You must still apply in person at 9:30am or 1:30pm

$2000 in incentives 



Nakia Thompson

I am Nakia Thompson and I am 23 years old.  I just completed the CEFA youth training program and I am currently working for Marathon Electrical Contractors.  I have decided to continue my education at CEFA while I work. I have six reasons you should really consider joining the CEFA youth training program.

  • First the school itself is a place where you can get a great deal of knowledge from both hands on as well as the book.  This is great for anyone new to a trade.  You will be in a great atmosphere with a comfortable learning speed.

  • Second, the program provides you with stipends that are awarded for performance as well as attendance.  How awesome is it to get paid for going to class and learning something that will land you in a great career?

  • Third, you have a team of people to help you succeed.  From one on one help in class to help creating a resume, mock interviews and general assistance getting paperwork in order, they are there when you need them.  It is hard to go wrong whit a team such as the one at CEFA.

  • Fourth, if you have good attendance, grades, and work ethic you will more than likely get a job in your field at the end of the youth program.  CEFA provides the basic tools for the trade so you are ready for the first day on the job.

  • Fifth, work experience while in training.  You will earn $13.00 an hour during this section of the program, again….you are getting paid to learn.

  • Sixth one of the most interesting parts of this that if you qualify you do not have any out of pocket expenses related to the training.